A Product Manager Journey from Austin to Oslo

Hei fra Norge! I’m Joshua Reola, a Strategy and Partnerships Product Manager focused on the Webex Certification Program. I specifically work in the Webex Devices Business Unit based in Olso, Norway where all our Webex video endpoints are created. In this blog, I will share what I do at Cisco, the tips to land an expat job, and what I learned while in the expat role.

About Me

With so many 3rd party integration options for Cisco Webex Devices hardware, it can be hard to know at a glance what the best product integrations are. What are the best room booking applications? What is the best LCD display that works well with Webex Devices?

Oslo, Norway, is the headquarters where our Red Dot, market-leading video conference devices are built and we are focusing on providing the gold standard when it comes to delivering premium meeting experiences. A great example of defining the gold standard is this demo of our Webex Panorama Room. …

Meraki’s teleworker device, the Meraki Z3 provides a great, set it and forget it system for VPN services. In this article, I will go through various use case setups on how your remote network (I live in Europe) can seem like you are in your home country (I’m from the USA) without constantly having to enable a VPN client or to sign up for proxy services requiring monthly fees.

Wired Port — Hardwire streaming devices like an AppleTV or Roku
VPN Client — A VPN client on your iPhone for travel streaming purposes
Wireless SSID — An always-on SSID for devices…

A broadcasting step by step configuration guide for Webex Meetings and Webex Events

D o you listen to podcasts? Watch YouTube or even Twitch? Then let me take you behind the scenes into the world of the tools used in live streaming. In this article, you will learn how to use the video meetings application, Webex, and set up virtual backgrounds, live stream in grid view, add overlays, and even stream to multiple platforms simultaneously. There are more things to learn when it comes to streaming, but this article is meant to get you comfortable with live streaming as a broadcaster. …

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen some unprecedented and frightening changes around the world as a result of COVID-19. We’ve watched events become canceled, travel restricted, towns, and even countries go into lockdown. In an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus, people are looking for ways to continue their meetings and events.

Cisco Webex has several solutions to help address this. Here, I’ll walk you through how easy it is to use Webex Events, or known as Webex Event Center, to do a live stream. This blog came about after assisting Capital Factory and AFWERX, to virtually host…

Got something to share? Send it our way!

The Webex Innovation Team is looking for people to blog about anything Webex! Do you have an interesting use case how Webex helped your organization out? Do you have a bot or integration that you are working on? How are you using Webex meetings and devices? Share your stories with us!

Articles of Interest

Here are some of the topics we’d love to see covered:

  • Best practices. Do you have something over meeting etiquette, configuration, and installation? We welcome those too!
  • How to articles. How to use Webex Teams, Meetings or Devices are something of interest.
  • Workflow use cases with bots and integrations…

Joshua Reola

I love technology and traveling the world • @Webex Growth Hacker • @CiscoWebexAmb Lead • Entrepreneur • Football junkie • Salsa dance fighter • 🇺🇸Expat in🇳🇴

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